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frank Ottenhoff

Documentary maker, lecturer and organization developer
Uncovering history, origin, soul and identity of people and nations. To reveal inspiration, pride, fear, trauma, and recognition. Using empathy as the method. Applying stories to stimulate positive change.

soul searching

Stories about the soul, inclusion and exclusion, displacement and belonging, and people and systems.

I’m an independent consultant who facilitates leaders, teams, and organizations in their development. My background is in electrical engineering and psychology. I co-founded the company WoW-consult (WoW stands for Way of Working) with a Polish colleague. My own company is Oog voor Verandering and I am also member of the Paradox Academy.

In 2007, at the invitation of a client, I started making films to support organizational change. I made more than 60 filmproductions for companies and non-profit organizations.

In 2012, I created my first documentary: “A Life in Hungary.” It’s a documentary about a Hungarian woman born in the early twenties of the last century. In this documentary, I visualize the events in Hungary between WWI and the fall of the Wall.

In 2014 and 2019, I organized an event in my hometown with speakers, my documentary, Hungarian music, and food. Here is the hidden link to the trailer of my documentary.

My love for Central Europe began in 1974 when I visited Czechoslovakia with a friend (now Slovakia). In 1976, I spent over two months in Warsaw for practical work. Since then, I’ve been to Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic many times.

Collecting stories

I am collecting stories of individuals and nations. Stories reveal the origins of people, detailing their highs and lows, exposing both pride and fear. Moreover, stories provide insights into where people aspire to go. By sharing these stories, we not only come to value the diversity among us but also discover opportunities to identify common ground.

cafe europe

The cafe is typical of Europa. Europe is shaped by coffeehouses, by cafes George Steiner said. The cafe is ‘a democratic club’ according to Stefan Zweig. To me, the café symbolizes European conversations where diverse views and feelings converge to shape our shared European future. I invite you to my ‘café’.